Percentage rounding issues in rules
Trying to create a rule that will automatically split transactions with VAT. In my country this VAR rate is 21% and I would like VAT to be tracked as a separate expense category. There are several issues I have encountered while setting up rule to split transactions. Steps: 1) Go to setup > rules 2) Create new rule 3) As condition use 'notes contains "splitvat"' 4) As action use "split transaction" 5) In the first split user percentage 82.644628 Issue 1: Expected: Validation message will show "Percentage left to split: 17.355372" Actual: Validation message shows "Percentage left to split: 17.355372000000003" 6) Enter second split enter 17.355372, observe that validation message turn green and allows to save rule 7) In the second split choose actions: assign category, mark as reviewed 8) Click Save to save the split action 9) In the rule setting enable "Run rules on transaction updates" 10) Click "Create" to create the rule 11) In the list click on the rule you just created 12) Go to split action by clicking on "Split into 2" Issue 2: Expected: There will be no validation message, you will see percentage values in split 1 from step (5) - 82.644628 and in split 2 from step (6) - 17.355372. Total in two splits will be 100%. Actual: Split 1 has 82.64463, split 2 has 17.355371, total is 100.000001%. Validation message displayed with Percentage left to split. 13) Fix values in split 1 and 2 to values 82.644628 and 17.355372 14) Update action in split 2 - click on Tags and choose any Tag 15) Click Save to save the split 16) Click Save to save the rule 17) Click on the update rule and go to split action settings Expected: You see that in split 2 tag assign action is present, you made this change in step (14) Actual: You see no tag assign action in split 2
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