⭐ Improvements
  • Help & Support has now been moved to the header, next to "Logout". Previously it was tucked away at the bottom corner of the screen.
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where grouped transactions & transaction groups were getting double-counted in search results (if they both show up)
  • New transaction names were not being added to auto-suggestions
  • Fixed a bug where adding transactions to a manually-managed account made the Overview numbers temporarily incorrect and required a refresh to fix
  • Fixed a bug where filtering by Cash transaction didn't show anything
  • In Transactions, "Add to ..." button text now shows the current asset name
  • Fixed an issue where the colors in the liabilities tooltip in Net Worth Tracker didn't match up
  • Fixed an issue with sorting by billing day in Recurring Items
  • Fixed a bug where changing the currency for a new transaction erased the amount field