Recurring Items
Accounts, Assets
⭐ Improvements
  • The parent budget always updates now whenever you update any of the children category budgets
  • When adding a new transaction to a manually-managed asset, currency defaults to the asset's balance currency
  • Added a loading state when creating a new category
  • Made some improvements to prevent weirdness when making a lot of transaction changes (e.g. reviewing) in quick succession
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Existing transactions in group no longer show up in the grouped transaction search results
  • Inactive accounts no longer show up in account dropdowns
  • Creating a recurring item from a transaction properly creates a rule with "contain" instead of "match exactly" for payee matching
  • Creating a recurring item from transaction creates a rule based on the original payee name instead of the updated payee name
  • New payee names from creating a new transaction now show up in autosuggest immediately after
  • Fixed bugginess when selecting "No, cancel" to creating a new category
  • Fixed a bug that allowed end date before start date for recurring items